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                OUR PRODUCT


                Corrosion resistant and waterproof elastic adhesive

                Corrosion resistant elastic waterproof adhesive is modified by nano high elastic corrosion resistant materials made of
                silicon rubber and hydrogenated nitrile rubber and other and other synthetic polymer materials.

                Flexible adhesive elastomer anticorrosive adhesive tape

                In addition to the material properties of the STOPAQ adhesive tape, the flexible adhesive tape of our company is flexible
                and has better elasticity, which can be 3 times longer than the original length.

                Polyethylene cold wrapped anticorrosive adhesive tape

                Composite polyethylene anticorrosion adhesive belt is according to the different variety of purposes with various density polyethylene particles compared with

                 to the basement membrane, butyl rubber as adhesive, in hot melt state the compound and into, is divided into the inner belt, belt, filling mouth with,

                 inside take anticorrosion insulation effect, the band play ...

                Epoxy coal tar wrapped belt (PF type)

                This product is epoxy coal tar glass deployment of anticorrosion coating of update replacement products, the product from the base of styling gel is composed

                 of two parts baseband is impregnated substrate adhesive, epoxy type polypropylene non-woven cloth, substituted alkali and containing ...

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                WHO WE ARE


                COMPANY PROFILE


                NingBo DaDa Anti-Corrosion Material Co.,Ltd. is located in Hangzhou Bay Cross Sea Bridge at the southern end of the Cixi City Economic Development Zone, is developed on the basis of Ningbo anda anticorrosive material Co., Ltd.. Is a professional engaged in oil and chemical industry storage tanks, pipelines, pipe fittings new anti-corrosion materials research and development, innovation, sales and anti-corrosion technology consulting emerging enterprises.



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